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Your Go-To destination wedding planner

Welcome to Florida Wedding Design

in South West Florida

Your Go-To destination wedding planner

Welcome to Florida Wedding Design

We're not just planners; we're your partners in creating the perfect day.

Our offerings include a range of packages: full service planning, partial planning, and event management, all designed to suit your individual needs.

Our unwavering mission is to craft a breathtaking wedding experience that ensures a stress-free day for every couple. With our expertise, your dream wedding in the heart of SouthWest Florida becomes an enchanting reality.

Why Choose Florida Wedding Design?

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Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We understand that planning a wedding is a team effort. We work closely with you, as well as with our network of trusted vendors, to bring your vision to life. We believe that the best results come from a harmonious partnership, where everyone's talents and ideas contribute to the magic of your wedding day.




We are fueled by an unwavering passion for creating memorable weddings. It's our love for what we do that inspires us to go above and beyond. Our dedication and enthusiasm shine through in every detail we craft, ensuring your special day is nothing short of extraordinary.


We are committed to building and maintaining trust with our clients, vendors, and team members. We believe in open and honest communication, delivering on our promises, and always acting with integrity. Your trust in us is the foundation upon which we build the wedding of your dreams.


Together, we make dreams a reality.


She worked with me through rescheduling our wedding after Hurricane Ian and made sure everything was seamless through the whole process. She made my vision into a reality and handled all of the little details to make the day perfect. I can't recommend her enough!

“Brittiny was absolutely amazing every step of the way!”

absolutely amazing

Stay Zen With Brittiny

Greetings, I'm Brittiny, the proud owner of Florida Wedding Design. My passion for wedding planning has been a lifelong affair, and my journey to becoming a wedding planner started long ago. My natural talent for staying impeccably organized plays a pivotal role in my work, ensuring every detail is meticulously taken care of.

When I'm not knee-deep in wedding excitement, I find balance and serenity through the practice of meditation and yoga. It's my way of staying cool, calm, and collected. Check out our sister company, Wed Zen for ways to stay zen during the wedding planning process.

owner of Florida Wedding Design

I'm Brittiny

I've been happily married for eight years, and together my husband and I are the proud parents of two beautiful children, Liam and Kylie. They light up my world, and I couldn't be happier being their mom. Being a mother and a business owner, I relish the opportunity to inspire my children by showing them that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

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I wholeheartedly promise that, by the time your wedding day arrives, we'll be friends, sharing in the excitement of your special day. 


She made sure my destination wedding went smoothly. Being an out of town bride is so stressful but Brittiny made everything stress-free! She worked well with all of my vendors and really knows her stuff when it comes to coordinating a wedding - she is beyond thorough. I would’ve been lost without her!



I hold a degree in Event Management from the University of Central Florida. My deep passion for weddings led me to share my expertise by teaching a collegiate-level class on wedding planning, where I've had the pleasure of guiding future professionals on their journey.

I decided to start my own planning company after many years in catering sales at luxury venues.

This experience granted me an intimate understanding of the intricacies of event logistics and a unique perspective that sets me apart in the industry.

My Experience

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If you are looking for that "honest best friend" type of wedding planner, Brittiny needs to be your choice. She created a customized wedding design package for our needs, was kind to our family, wedding party, and guests, created incredible designs, and really made our vision come to life. We had so many guests tell us this was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to.

“Brittiny is an incredible wedding planner, coordinator, and designer!”


a trusted team

Florida Wedding Design

Originally from upstate New York, I made the move to Florida in pursuit of the stunning ocean views and delightful weather that captured my heart. Bringing creativity, attention to detail, and an unwavering dedication to making every wedding a memorable experience, I thrive on the beauty that surrounds me in Florida's landscapes. 

My passion for planning and design, coupled with a background in floral event design, adds a unique touch to our wedding preparations. When not working, I find joy in playing pickleball and spending quality time with my dog and friends. Exploring the outdoors and the ocean is where I find my happiest moments, drawing inspiration from nature for my designs.

Associate Planner & Designer

I'm Brenna

It's a joy to be a part of turning dreams into reality for our clients at Florida Wedding Design!


Her influence on our wedding was profound, turning a day I was initially unsure about into a magical, unforgettable experience. Brittiny didn't just plan a wedding; she crafted a dream, making it a dream come true for a dream that we didn't even know we had! Brittiny gave us a night we will cherish forever and helped us create the perfect day that will be the foundation for a lifelong love. We are beyond grateful!


100% worth